As the industry leader, First Student has been an advocate for new industry standards and innovative passenger ridership technologies. With ZPass™, schools can now monitor the date, time and location of their students enter and exit from the bus.

Safe, Non-Intrusive Ridership Monitoring

ZPass™, powered by Zonar®, provides safe, non-intrusive ridership monitoring, allowing school administrators to enhance ridership efficiencies, as well as accurately and cost-effectively respond to a call about a child's status with bus entry and exit data.

Secure Web-Based Reporting:
Makes it fast and easy to access accurate information.

Student Report:
Stamps time and date for all loading and unloading activities by student.

Bus Report:
Provides all student ridership data by bus.

How It Works

Each student is issued a unique ID card to carry, which they scan when entering and exiting his or her school bus. With each scan, the time, date and location is logged and transmitted to a secure database.

School administrators can access this data via a web-browser with Zonar's Ground Traffic Control application. Information by bus or student can be downloaded for additional monitoring and analysis.