FirstView™ is your resource for knowing the location of your student’s bus, estimated arrival times at your student’s stop and the bus's arrival or departure from school. FirstView™, powered by First Student, is a partnership with the school districts we serve, bringing increased transparency and communication about the school bus to students and their families. 

Currently, FirstView™ is only available to a small number of school districts, but we are working hard to offer it to more! Please contact your district or our support team to know if FirstView™ is available to you.

To get started, first you must download FirstView™ from your app store. You can also click on the links on this page.

  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Contact FirstView™ Monday – Friday by:

  • Live Tracking and Predictive Stop Arrival Times
  • The map shows the location and direction of your student’s bus, your student's stop times for the day and timestamps for school arrivals and departures.

  • Custom Alerts and Messages
  • Set up push or email alerts for when your student's bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away from the stop. FirstView™ provides messages about delays; the reasons for and an estimated length.

  • Multi-Stop View
  • FirstView™ tracks all your students using individual colors. Every selected stop appears on the map simultaneously for easy viewing and differentiation.

  • Additional User Notifications
  • Main users of the FirstView™ app can connect three additional email accounts to receive email alerts.

Access the web-based version of FirstView™

Click here!

To download the FirstView™ app, visit the App Store.


FirstView™ is also
available on Google Play.