The Industry Leader in Innovation

First Student leads the industry in innovation by continuously researching, developing and investing in technology that creates the best ride to and from school for the students we serve. We’re different because we don’t design stand-alone technology just for today — we build tools and develop programs that link all the necessary information together so we can collectively analyze and help you plan for tomorrow.

Meet Your Bus

Pioneering Industry-First Technology

While our local teams ensure your community enjoys a safe, efficient and well-supported transportation system, our national support teams leverage those collective experiences to continuously improve safety and operations.

First Student has strongly advocated for the creation of new industry standards and improved technologies, including longer lasting brakes, improved mirror systems, better wheels and tires, and low-maintenance engine components, among others. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we pioneered the application and installation of numerous cutting-edge technologies throughout our buses and our student transportation management process, including:

  • Strategic route optimization
  • On-board Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting (EVIR)
  • Near real-time fleet analysis and reporting
  • Safety gates on the front of each bus
  • Child Check-Mate System®, an electronic reminder system
  • Theft-Mate™ security system
  • Automated shop maintenance reporting

Integrated Technology Solutions

Integrated solutions help maximize efficiencies with data-driven fleet performance reporting. Working in near real-time with our buses’ GPS technology, onboard data, transportation team scheduling, maintenance and district information systems, we put key metrics and information at your fingertips.

These solutions:

  • Reduce fuel costs by monitoring and reducing idling, speeding and excess miles.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency by automating tasks.
  • Increase on-time performance, tracking and safety by monitoring and tracking buses in near real-time.
  • Provide a web-based interface that allows districts to review activity anytime, anywhere.

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Passenger Ridership

As the industry leader, First Student has been an advocate for new industry standards and innovative ridership management technologies. This means that you can use cutting-edge technology to know if, when and where a student boarded or departed the bus.

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Passenger Behavior Management

Through our seamless system, we enhance the flow of communication — from drivers and administrators to parents and students — and further support our collective efforts to keep our children safe each and every day.

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Bus Technology

From digital cameras to GPS, crossing control arms to Wi-Fi, by equipping our buses with the latest innovations, we’re able to provide seamless, integrated solutions in a single package for our district partners.

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